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This work is a labour of love, based primarily on home-made teaching materials that I’ve created over the years for my students at the University of Edinburgh and those that I tutor.

Of course, I didn’t just wake up knowing all of this one day! 😂 The following works have all in some way inspired or contributed to this resource:

  • Beygingarlýsing íslensks nútímamáls (BÍN) – For double-checking inflections weird and wonderful.
  • Icelandic: An Essential Grammar, 2021, Daisy Neijmann – For general reference and double-checking.
  • Íslensk nútímamálsorðabók – For checking word classes, genders and help with examples.
  • Íslensk tunga – Orð, 2005, Guðrún Kvaran, et al. – For sanity-checking my grammar explanations and help classifying verbs and nouns.

I’d also like to thank Sigurður Hermannsson for beta-testing some of the pages and giving his invaluable feedback.

And finally, a big thank-you to all my students. You gave me the motivation to do this in the first place and make this a free resource! ❤️